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Family-inspiring moments, the future

5 special dates to discover Cuba and its festivities with the family

5⃣ special dates to discover Cuba and its festivities with the family
(BONUS + 2⃣ celebrations your teens will love)
Hola Familia! 😃
If your family members, especially your teens love to party, music, dance and have fun, you better stick around and discover 5 national events and festivals ideal for getting to know Cuba and its people.
1⃣ Family that loves gastronomy and local life / Noche Buena y Noche Vieja New Year’s Eve in Cuba:
December 24 and 31 are the most important days of the year, when the whole family gathers to have dinner together and welcome the new year. If you travel at this time of the year, you can celebrate it in the private home or Airbnb where you are staying with your family and enjoy Cuban traditions such as eating roast pork, drinking rum and dancing salsa. The energy that emerges in the family is spectacular. Recommended. In our travel program, we have families who are happy to share this day with students if they prefer.
Music loving family (jazz)
2⃣ Havana International Jazz Festival:
This festival is held in January and brings together the best jazz musicians from all over the world. There are concerts in different places in Havana, and it is a unique opportunity to enjoy good music with the family.
Family lover of knowing handmade experiences (habano)
3⃣ International Habano Festival: this festival is perfect for you. It is held in February and is an opportunity to learn more about Cuba’s tobacco culture. There are tastings, samplings and conferences.
Families who loves traditional experiences and local life
4⃣ Carnival of Santiago de Cuba:
This carnival is one of the largest in Cuba and is held in July. It’s a party full of music, dance and color. The famous «comparsas» through the streets and there are float and costume contests.
5⃣ Fiesta del Fuego:
This festival is held in Santiago de Cuba, in the east of the island, also in July and is a celebration of Afro-Cuban culture. There is music, dances and rituals that represent the African heritage in Cuba.
And that’s not the end of our recommendations, we bring you 2 MORE BONUSES
in this category of traditions and local life
In addition to these festivities, we cannot fail to mention the Gibara International Film Festival, which is held in July and is a unique opportunity to enjoy Cuban and international cinema.
Many young artists fill the coastal town of Gibara with music and fun with concerts, activities for children and young people and film presentations.
There is also the Romerías de Mayo in Holguín, a festival that celebrates young culture and creativity with concerts, exhibitions and cultural activities with the participation of artists from all over Cuba.
Which of these festivals and parties would you like to attend with your family?
Tell us in the comments 💬
Davied Espinosa & Traveler Sunrise Team

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Family-inspiring moments, the future

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