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Family-inspiring moments, the future


Hola Familia!

Yes, to travel to any country you always need your travel insurance,

You can adapt to the one provided by your agency, airline or other.

Also, you can buy it in your arrival to CUBA


You can have the peace of mind of traveling with the best and the one you trust completely,

And let’s get straight to the point


*Its insurance activity began in 1885, when trips were made only by boat. More than 100 years

*You travel with peace of mind, 24-hour assistance center. Whenever you need help.

*We cover COVID from being a pandemic, both the cancellation of the trip due to positive
of the insured person’s parents or children, such as medical assistance at the destination, which includes: PCR for compatible symptoms, assistance, hospitalization, quarantine if they have to extend the trip due to the illness and repatriation if they miss their flight for this reason.

*Our insurance covers you from any point to any point on the planet

*They are always available to our clients, in addition to via phone or email, through a live chat on our website, or through our social networks.

They also trust me, and for being a collaborator you get a 5% off

Getting IATI FAMILY with the 5% off here

Tailor-made travel planning for families with teenagers

Immerse yourself in the cities and live family experiences with passionate locals.

Local Experience. Adapted Travel Programs. Booking Support. Assistance throughout the trip


Where would you like to go?

Family-inspiring moments, the future

Tailor-Made Travel Planning for Families with Teenagers

Save many hours on the internet looking for reliable activities and enjoy special family moments with passionate locals

Local Experience. Adapted Travel Programs. Booking Support.



Hola, I’m Davied Espinosa, a 36-year-old Cuban, who love connecting and meeting people from all over the world, I love challenges, sports, travel, experiences, local gastronomy and personal development, so I am always looking for activities in that sense,

But all it started one day in March 2015, When I spent a large part of my savings traveling through Cuba, I discovered that I could do something different from what traditional travel agencies offered me.

So, I mixed everything I like and love to create Viajero Sunrise, a travel and experience program that helps families live unforgettable experiences in Cuba and Seattle.

Why these destinations?

Because they are where I have had the opportunity to live, explore, discover and meet incredible people.

In Viajero Sunrise we have the mission to help families create unforgettable memories and strengthen family bonds through extraordinary trips.

CheckList CUBA 2024

Checklist Cuba 2024 of the essential things you need before taking your plane to Cuba

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✅ Checklist Cuba – 2024 with everything you need to know and have before traveling

✅ The legal categories to travel to Cuba for Americans

✅ How to get the Tourist Card – Visa / Cuba

✅ Save time, money and energy

✅ About Real Cuba

✅ Logistics

✅ Getting Around (Maps)

✅ Practical Tips

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