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Family-inspiring moments, the future

Planning trips and adventures in Cuba for families with teenagers

Save many hours on the internet looking for reliable activities and enjoy special family moments with passionate locals

Local Experience. Adapted Travel Programs. Booking Support.

Start your family trip 

Family-inspiring moments, the future

Planning trips and adventures in Cuba for families with teenagers

Save many hours on the internet looking for reliable activities and enjoy special family moments with passionate locals

Local life – cultural projects – beach – mountain – cities 

Start your family trip 


The whole family pre-trip issue can be complicated and many times you don't have time to spend in front of Google looking for the best options to move from one city to another, restaurant, accommodation, experiences according to your preferences, pace and budget.

That's why I created Viajero Sunrise, Where I can help you design and personalized trip and save many hours on the Internet in front of Google looking for reliable activities that adapt to you in CUBA and SEATTLE.


What exactly are you going to get?

Viajero Sunrise


Your trip in our App, Day by Day – Step by Step

My local team and I build your trip based on your preferences, pace and budget + a map with all the destinations you are going to visit.

Your trip on your phone, just one click away

Viajero Sunrise


Restaurants – Transportation- Experiences

We make all reservations according to your preferences and manage them to be flexible

Viajero Sunrise


Chat with a local before
& during your trip

Unconditional support service via WhatsApp before and throughout your adventure to answer questions and solve any minor incident that may occur at any time

Get your detailed trip plan in our Travel App in just 2 steps and in less than a week

Viajero Sunrise


Fill in a Customization Form. Tell me about yourself and how you would like your family adventure to be.

Viajero Sunrise


Get your trip organized in our App day by day step by step in less than a week

A Family, A pLAN, An Story,


Per day planned


🧙‍♂️ Unlimited messaging / One-on-one support for peace of mind (before and during your trip via WhatsApp)

🧙‍♂️ Personalized travel itinerary (Day by Day – Step by Step) in our app you can use without internet.

🧙‍♂️ Personalized digital map with all the places to visit

🧙‍♂️ Recommendations + reservation management (restaurants, experiences), according to your choice



Once you click on the button, you will go to fill out a personalization form where you put all your preferences.

I create a draft based on your preferences, rhythm and budget and I send it to you in a maximum of 2 days,

if you like all I propose you, then we proceed to the payment and the construction of your detailed travel plan in our App, that you receive in less than 2 weeks


Let’s do it a big

How are you going to live your experience?


Who am I and why do I want to help you design your trip?

Viajero Sunrise

All started in 2016 when I was selling at the artisan fair in my city, Cienfuegos, Cuba, and I connected with hundreds of clients every day.

I noticed they had a lot of misinformation, and were misguided, because the agencies were only effective in doing what they had already prepared in tourist packages: visiting the typical tourist places, but not much else.

It was when I set out to change the traditional travel system, and make travelers live unforgettable experiences with locals who are very passionate about what they do.

During these years I have specialized in family because I believe in the power of good family memories, and how much they contribute to the future. To achieve this, I have created Viajero Sunrise, a tailor-made travel program that leaves a mark on each family.

Today, more than 250 trips completed
We want to help 1000 families to enjoy and live great memories in Cuba before 2025
We want to help families create unforgettable memories and strengthen family bonds through extraordinary trips.

I am Davied, a 36-year-old Cuban, who will never get tired of traveling. I am an enterprising traveler, a lover of sharing experiences with groups of friends and family. I love naturalistic sport excursions, and I am a fan of gastronomic tours. For this reason, I will always be looking for the best places in this sense.

I look forward to meeting you and being able to help you discover Cuba in family more and better.

Greetings adventurers

Davied Espinosa


The beautiful path that has led me here

Dreams fulfilled

The dreams of my travelers are also my dreams

Maybe you have any of the following questions

How exactly does Viajero Sunrise - Family trips to Cuba work?

2 easy steps

Step 1. Click on the button (Start your family trip)

*fill out the customization form, let me know all your preferences
*I send you a first draft itinerary in less than 2 days, if it’s okay with you, we will make the payment for our service according to the days planned

Note: You do not pay until this draft of trips that I show you make sense for you

Step 2. My team and I begin to develop your detailed trips in our app, organized day by day and step by step, maps according to destination + everything you need to know and bring to enjoy your trip to the fullest

*You will have this guidebook app in your email in less than 1 weeks.

*You receive the guide in our app, which you can share with the whole members, check it calmly

*We make all the necessary adjustments until we achieve everything that makes sense for you and your family.

While we make up the guide you can ask us all kinds of questions and curiosities that you may have, it will not always help to make your trip more and better

Can United States people make a tourism trip to Cuba?
It is a question that I always get from the US travelers. Usually, they do not know that it is possible for them to travel to Cuba.
And I want to tell you that, indeed, ….
The answer is: Yes! 
What do you need?
– A valid passport (for at least six months after the date of entry into Cuba)
– Travel insurance
– A General License. You need to travel under 1 of the 12 US – Cuba travel categories. Among these categories you can find «People to People», » Religion» and «Support for the Cuban People». You just need to be informed about the existence of these categories in order to state it in case you are asked. At the end of this answer, you can see the link where you can research more about this.
– A Visa (more exactly, a Cuban Tourist Card). The travel agencies usually take care of this operation when purchasing the flight ticket, if not, do not worry, you can apply for yours online. Notice that in either case, you always need to be backed by the “Support for the Cuban People” category.
Our team can help you design a day-by-day, step-by-step itinerary based on your preferences, rhythm and budget that comply with and complement the legality of the «Support the Cuban People» category, to present it to the US authorities if requested. This is the category we recommend the most, with 97% of the activities of the trip plan we create for you falling under it, and being directly related to the Cuban people.
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about it.
Connect us
What happens if I can't go to Cuba once you have delivered my personalized trip?

If you can’t come on the scheduled date for some considered reason and your GuideBook app has already been delivered, we can postpone all the management and update everything until when you can come, You don’t have to pay anything extra.

And if you don’t want to postpone

We will refund 75% without having to fill out forms or answer thousands of questions. The refund will be made in a period of 3-5 business days

25% will be applied to operating costs and time spent in the construction of the trip in our travel App

Just connect with us, writing to


Can I stay in hotels or does it have to be only private houses / Airbnb?

You can use Airbnb – these work 100% – and you can use 1 hotel,
We always offer you options and recommendations, according to your preferences and budget.

What currency can I use in Cuba?

The Cuban currency is currently the CUP -Cuban Pesos, and its digital currency is the MLC – Free Convertible Currency.

You can use strong currencies like the Pound Sterling, Euro; American dollars; Canadian dollar. We recommend using Euros or American Dollars, according to preference.



How do I pay for your help planning my trip?

You can make the payment by


Wire transfer


Once you approve the draft itinerary that I send you based on your customization form, we send you a pre-invoice with value according to planned days and payment method.



Something important that can help you

Checklist 2024


I have designed a Checklist so that you do not forget any important items. Also within it, you will find important specific links such as:

🥾 D´Viajeros Online comprehensive form with QR to fill in 24 hours before your trip.

🥾 How to get (Internet) – SIM Card for tourists.
Are you traveling from the USA or are you American

🥥 12 categories by which you can travel to Cuba from the United States.

This checklist is in PDF format. (3 pages)

Receive this checklist for free by writing to me at


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