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Family-inspiring moments, the future

Fidel Castro’s Chef’s Restaurant is located here

Fidel Castro’s Chef’s Restaurant is located here

One of the most photographed corners of Havana and where the chain of restaurants (Ivan Justo Chef, & Ivan Justo chef al Carbón,
Both chefs, they began cooking for government dinners and the official dinners of the Minister of Tourism. With a team of cooks, they have made all the dinners of the presidents who passed through Havana, since the late ’70s.

As a curiosity
Justo Pérez, was Fidel Castro’s cook for 35 years,
and reveal Fidel’s favorite food, I share it with you.
–What food was Fidel’s favorite?
–There was always a menu that he approved. He loves grilled grouper fish, fried rice and pasta.
He always had a very special palate.
He comments.

All of this that I am telling you has caught the attention of celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, The Kings of Spain… among others. And among those others, I, jajaj, I had the opportunity to taste their wonderful dishes and above all one of their specialties, the pernilito de lechon / suckling pig, ufff and I closed with a 3 leches dessert, it is a dream, I have no words to describe it.

As another curious fact, it is a restaurant that we recommend and help with the reservation in my travel planning business to Cuba and…… the Welcome dinner that is included in the travel program: Cuba Salsa y Aventuras.. it’s there.

This program comes out this week with an offer in its 2024 calendar for families or small groups, but those who are on my list always find out first, if you like Cuban Salsa, adventure and good gastronomy and want to be one of those first in To find out, write to me at:

Restaurant is located in
Ivan Justo Chef
4JRV+9H2 La Esquina, Aguacate y Chacón, Havana, Cuba



Aquí se encuentra el Restaurante del Cocinero de Fidel Castro

Una de las esquinas más fotografiadas de La Habana y en donde se unen la cadena de Restaurantes (Ivan Justo Chef, & Ivan Justo chef al Carbón,
Ambos chef, comenzaron a cocinar para las cenas del gobierno y las oficiales del ministro de Turismo. Con un equipo de cocineros, han hecho todas las cenas de los presidentes que pasaron por La Habana, desde fines de los ’70.

Como dato curioso
Justo Pérez, fue el cocinero de Fidel Castro durante 35 años,
y desvela la comida preferida de Fidel, te la comparto.
–¿Qué comida era la preferida de Fidel?
–Siempre se hacía un menú que él aprobaba. Le encanta el pez perro o cherna a la plancha, el arroz frito y las pastas.
Siempre tuvo un paladar muy especial.
Comenta Justo.

Todo esto que te cuento ha llamado la atención de celebridades como, Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, Los Reyes de España… entre otras. Y entre esas otras, yo, jajaj tuve la oportunidad de degustar sus maravillosos platos y sobre todos una de sus especialidades, el pernilito de lechon / lechoncito, ufff y cerré con postre de 3 leches, es de ensueño, no tengo palabras para describirlo.

Como otro dato curioso, es un restaurante que recomendamos y ayudamos con la reserva en mi negocio de planificación de viajes a Cuba y …… la cena de Bienvenida que está incluida en el programa de viajes: Cuba-Salsa-Aventuras.. es ahí.

Este programa sale esta semana con oferta en su calendario 2024 para familias o grupos reducidos, pero siempre se enteran de primero aquellos que están en mi lista, si te gusta la Salsa cubana, la aventura y la buena gastronomía y quieres ser de esos primeros en enterarte escríbeme a:

Restaurante se encuentra en
Ivan Justo Chef
4JRV+9H2 La Esquina, Aguacate y Chacón, Havana, Cuba

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Family-inspiring moments, the future

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Hola, I’m Davied Espinosa, a 36-year-old Cuban, who love connecting and meeting people from all over the world, I love challenges, sports, travel, experiences, local gastronomy and personal development, so I am always looking for activities in that sense,

But all it started one day in March 2015, When I spent a large part of my savings traveling through Cuba, I discovered that I could do something different from what traditional travel agencies offered me.

So, I mixed everything I like and love to create Viajero Sunrise, a travel and experience program that helps families live unforgettable experiences in Cuba and Seattle.

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