Family-inspiring moments, the future



Cuba awaits you




Family-inspiring moments, the future



Cuba Awaits you





Maybe you have any of the following questions

Why should I join this experience and not others of the same destination?

-Because you are going to enjoy a combined travel program that has been designed and tested by me and other travelers in my 5 years of experiences, planning trips to Cuba, collaborating with the American company where I have more than 270 completed trips and more than 100 comments averaging 5 stars. Check Here.

-Because you have the unconditional support of me and my entire team via WhatsApp to solve any problem before and during your trip to Cuba. + Local English-speaking guide in each experience.

-Because you receive a GuideBook App with your entire trip detailed that you can use without an Internet connection, + tips and recommendations adapted to your preferences, which meets the category of support for the Cuban people, allowing you to travel without problems to Cuba carrying out this experience program.

– And because you will learn to dance Cuban salsa in the first class, from 0 to advanced beginner. It is proven.

How exactly does Viajero Sunrise work?

It is an exclusive cultural travel program focused on salsa and adventures for 8 days in western Cuba

Small groups, (4–12 people). Ideal for families.
This travel program has a frequency of once a month.

(Scheduled dates)

From January 24 to February 2
From February 14 to 23
From March 10 to 19
From April 17 to 26

You choose the dates you want to travel according to the program by applying on the button.

You fill out a small personalization form
Then I will send you the registration payment method and additional information.

Can United States people make a tourism trip to Cuba?
What do you need?
– A valid passport (for at least six months after the date of entry into Cuba)
– Travel insurance
– A General License.
You need to travel under 1 of the 12 US – Cuba travel categories. Among these categories you can find «People to People», » Religion» and «Support for the Cuban People». You just need to be informed about the existence of these categories in order to state it in case you are asked. At the end of this answer, you can see the link where you can research more about this.
– A Visa (more exactly, a Cuban Tourist Card). The travel agencies usually take care of this operation when purchasing the flight ticket, if not, do not worry, you can apply for yours online. Notice that in either case, you always need to be backed by the “Support for the Cuban People” category.
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about it.
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How and where do I pay for this experience?

Promo price for $1,250 dollar (until January 31, 2024).

Regular price $1,575 dollar

You must make a first payment of $550 to register, and $700, the rest, is deposited in cash once you are in Cuba.

The 550 registration fee is non-refundable.

You can make the payment by
Wire transfer

Detailed information will be sent via email once you fill out the registration form.

What if I can't go to Cuba once I have paid my reservation registration.


If you cannot come on the scheduled date for any reason, we can postpone the entire process and update everything until the next scheduled date, you do not have to pay anything extra.

And if not dpostpone

We will refund you 75% without having to fill out forms or answer thousands of questions. The refund will be made within 14 business days

25% will be applied to operating costs.

Simply connect with us by writing to

How and where will my accommodation be?

Accommodation will be in a private room in a shared house/Airbnb,
Room for two people, private bathroom – hot shower, air conditioning,
* small bed can be adjusted for children

*Breakfast included

What currency can I use in Cuba?

The Cuban currency is currently the CUP -Cuban Pesos, and its digital currency is the MLC – Free Convertible Currency.

You can use strong currencies like the Pound Sterling, Euro; American dollars; Canadian dollar. We recommend using Euros or American Dollars, according to preference.





Family-inspiring moments, the future

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