A great family memory is the future

Personalized Family Adventure:

Experience Unforgettable Memories in 3 Days Customized

Local Experience. Adapted Travel Programs. Booking Support. Assistance throughout the trip


Where would you like to go?

Personalized Family Adventure:

Experience Unforgettable Memories in 3 Days Customized

Local Experience. Adapted Travel Programs. Booking Support. Assistance throughout the trip

Where would you like to go?


Worry-Free Family Trips

🧙‍♂️ Unlimited messaging / One-on-one support for peace of mind.

🧙‍♂️ Personalized travel itinerary (Day by Day – Step by Step) in our app you can use without internet.

🧙‍♂️ Personalized digital map with all the places to visit.

🧙‍♂️ Recommendations + reservation management (restaurants, experiences), according to your choice.


Support via WhatsApp before and during the trip to resolve any minor incident at any time.

Receive your travel plan according to your preferences, pace and budget – organized Day by Day / Step by Step in our travel App which you can use without the need for an internet connection

Save time, money and energy

What exactly are you going to get in these 3 days planned?

Remember that when you make this purchase you have 3 days to plan as insured

Viajero Sunrise


Your trip in our App, Day by Day – Step by Step

My local team and I build your trip based on your preferences, pace and budget + a map with all the destinations you are going to visit.

Your trip on your phone, just one click away

Viajero Sunrise


Restaurants – Transportation- Experiences

We make all reservations according to your preferences and manage them to be flexible

Viajero Sunrise


Chat with a local before
& during your trip

Unconditional support service via WhatsApp before and throughout your adventure to answer questions and solve any minor incident that may occur at any time

Get your detailed trip plan in our App in just 3 steps

Viajero Sunrise

Choose the country or city

Once you click on your destination button, you will go to a Customization Form.

Viajero Sunrise


Fill in a Customization Form. Tell me about yourself and how you would like your family adventure to be.

Viajero Sunrise


Get your trip organized in our App day by day step by step in less than a week

A Family, A pLAN, An Story,

Choose your destination and let’s start planning your trip

Who I am?

It all started in 2016 when I was selling at the artisan fair in my city, Cienfuegos, Cuba, and I connected with hundreds of clients every day.

I noticed they had a lot of misinformation, and were misguided, because the agencies were only effective in doing what they had already prepared in tourist packages: visiting the typical tourist places, but not much else.

It was when I set out to change the traditional travel system, and make travelers live unforgettable experiences with locals who are very passionate about what they do.

During these years I have specialized in family because I believe in the power of good family memories, and how much they contribute to the future.

To achieve this, I have created Viajero Sunrise, a tailor-made travel program that leaves a mark on each family.

I am Davied, a 36-year-old Cuban, who will never get tired of traveling. I am an entertaining traveler, a lover of sharing experiences with groups of friends and family. I love naturalistic sport excursions, and I am a fan of gastronomic tours. For this reason, I will always be looking for the best places in this sense.

Planning trips since 2016, and I’m here to help you get that trip to these destinations like you once imagined.

More than 260 planned trips to Cuba since 2016 with the American company ViaHero

They have also trusted me and have been part of the path

































Maybe you have any of the following questions

What exactly is the family travel planning service you offer?

Our family travel planning service includes the creation of personalized itineraries, support with all accommodation, activity and transportation reservations, all tailored to your family’s needs and preferences + maps with all your destinations included in your trip.

You will receive everything in our travel App that you can share with all family members on their phone, and they can use without the need for an internet connection.

What happens if I can't get to my destination once my personalized trip has been delivered?

If you can’t come on the scheduled date for some considered reason and your GuideBook app has already been delivered, we can postpone all the management and update everything until when you can come, You don’t have to pay anything extra.

And if you don’t want to postpone

We will refund 50% without having to fill out forms or answer thousands of questions. The refund will be made in a period of 15 business days

50% will be applied to operating costs and time spent in the construction of the trip in our travel App

Just connect with us and save the invoice for this voucher, writing to feliz@viajerosunrise.com

What types of destinations and activities can be included in the family trips you plan?

Each family is a universe. We adapt completely to the preferences of each family. Whether it’s a beach destination, nature adventures, cultural exploration or theme parks, we design combinations between destinations based on your family’s interests.

How do you handle unforeseen situations during the trip?

We have a 24-hour support team available to address any issues or changes to plans. Additionally, we provide local contact information at each destination to ensure quick assistance.

When I say 24 hours it is 100%, while the Cuban team sleeps, the Spanish team can respond to any emergency, providing support through the general contact manual. You will also have access to this telephone number depending on the country of destination.

How do you ensure the safety of families during their trips?

We collaborate with suppliers and destinations that meet safety standards. In addition, we provide information on local safety measures and are in constant contact during the trip.

What is the advantage of hiring a trip planning service instead of doing it on our own?

My experience in these countries and cities, plus the experience and connections of my local team, allow us to access exclusive offers and design unique experiences that can be difficult to achieve when planning a trip independently. Plus, we’ll save you time and worry.

How will be my communication with the local?

Once you fill out the forms to begin the personalized planning of your trip, the local and I will contact you via email and then via WhatsApp. You can also leave us your preference regarding communication in the form.

Why these destinations?

Because they are the country-cities in which I have had the opportunity to live, be and share with great friends, today many of them are part of the Viajero Sunrise team.


A Family, A pLAN, An Story,

Choose your destination and let’s start planning your trip


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